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Litwod Z30 E27 LED RGB Magic Lamp Lamp 3W 5W 10W 15W 85-265 ACV110 ACV220 RGB Led Light Spotlight+ Ir-afstandsbediening controle piece

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E27 LED 16 Kleur Veranderende RGB Magic Lamp Lamp 85-265 V 110 V 120 V 220 V RGB Led Light Spotlight + Ir-afstandsbediening controle
Base Type: E27
Power: 3W / 5W / 10W / 15W
AC adapter: AC85-265V
Material: plastic and aluminum
Light color: red, green, blue, white, orange and so on (total16 colors)
Remote control battery: 1 x CR2025 BUTTONCEL battery (battery not include)
Housing: High Strength Aluminum
LED Lifetime:> 100,000 hours
Warranty: 3 Years
Approvals: CE / RoHS
Suitable for lighting and decorating for home / party / etc.
1 x E27 RGB LED
1 x Ir-afstandsbediening (battery not include )


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Lighting memorabilia
-1879 Edison invented the lights;
-1938 fluorescent lamps come out;
-1959 halogen light come out;
-1961 high pressure sodium lamp come out;
-1962 metal halide lamp;
At the beginning of the 21st century, through the wonderful encounter between nature, mankind and science, the development of LED, will become the light of the world of innovation, the indispensable green technology of human revolution.
-LED will be the first time since Edison invented the light bulb will begin a huge light revolution.
1, energy saving: white LED energy consumption is only 1/10 of incandescent, energy-saving lamps 1/4.
2, longevity: life of up to 100,000 hours or more, the ordinary family lighting can be described as "once and for all."
3, can work in high-speed state: energy-saving lamps if the frequent start or turn off, the filament will be black, and soon broken, so more secure.
4, solid-state packaging, are cold light source type. So it is well transported and installed and can be installed in any miniature and enclosed equipment, not afraid of vibration.
5, led technology is changing in progress, its luminous efficiency is amazing breakthrough, the price is also constantly reduced. A white LED into the family's era is coming quickly.
6, environmental protection, no mercury harmful substances. LED bulb assembly parts can be very easy to disassemble, no manufacturers can be recovered through other people recycling.
7, with light technology to LED point light source for the surface light source, increase the luminous surface, eliminate glare, sublimation visual effects, eliminate visual fatigue.
8, lens and shade integrated design. Lens at the same time with the role of light and protection, to avoid duplication of light waste, so that more simple and beautiful products.
9, high power led plane cluster package, and radiator and lampholder integrated design. Fully guarantee the led cooling requirements and service life, fundamentally meet the LED lighting structure and shape of any design, very distinctive features of LED lamps.
10, significant energy saving. Using ultra-bright high-power led light source, with high efficiency power supply, more than 80% energy saving than traditional incandescent, the same power brightness is 10 times the incandescent lamp.
11, long life of 100,000 hours or more, more than 50 times the traditional tungsten lamp. LED with a highly reliable advanced packaging process - eutectic welding, full protection of LED long life.
12, no strobe. Pure DC work, eliminating the traditional light strobe caused by visual fatigue.
13, green. Does not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, the environment without any pollution.
14, impact resistance, strong resistance to lightning, no UV (UV) and infrared (IR) radiation. No filament and glass shell, no traditional tube fragmentation problem, no harm to the human body, no radiation.
15, low thermal voltage work, safe and reliable. Surface temperature ≤ 60 ° (ambient temperature Ta = 25 °).
16, the voltage range, the global common LED lights. 200V ~ 240VAC full voltage range constant current, to ensure that life and brightness are not affected by voltage fluctuations.
17, the use of PWM constant current technology, high efficiency, low heat, constant current accuracy.
18, to reduce line losses, no pollution to the grid. Power factor ≥ 0.9, harmonic distortion ≤ 20%, EMI in line with global targets, reducing the power supply line power loss and to avoid the high-frequency interference on the power grid pollution.
19, universal standard lamp, can directly replace the existing halogen lamp, incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp.
20, luminous as the efficiency rate can be as high as 80lm / w, a variety of LED lights color temperature optional, high color rendering index, color is good.
It is clear. Energy-saving lamps and incandescent lamps will be replaced by LED lamps.
You are ready for LED ?



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