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BQ24650 MPPT Solar Panel Lithium Lead-acid Battery Charging Board Controller 5A piece

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Thermal Controller piece 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in) 0.02kg (0.04lb.)
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MOQ: 30 piece
USD 22.64 / piece
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Application Thermal Controller
Unit Type piece
Package Size 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Package Weight 0.02kg (0.04lb.)


Application Thermal Controller
Unit Type piece
Package Size 10cm x 10cm x 10cm (3.94in x 3.94in x 3.94in)
Package Weight 0.02kg (0.04lb.)

BQ24650 MPPT Solar Panel Lithium Lead-acid Battery Charging Board Controller 5A


The new MPPT solar charging module, strong second CN3722, import IC is the cow!
Input ideal diode anti-regurgitation (3722 series Schottky anti-reflux)
Double Nmos synchronous buck (3722 single Pmos Schottky rectifier Buck)
600Khz higher frequencies (3722 only 300k, big loss)
Solar energy input of the anti-reverse (reverse shall be burnt 3722)
Four terminals, two solar sign, two battery positive and negative, on-board color charging indicator LED
Circuit characteristics:
solar cell maximum power point tracking, the output current is greater than the solar panel current, real ultra-efficient MPPT, support within 5V-24V, 80W solar panel (For more current charging with a solar panel recommended that each module)
output voltage can be adjusted, CC-CW automatic control (can support single or multi-lithium batteries or lithium iron phosphate or lead-acid batteries, high-power LED, etc.)
input of the ideal diode anti-reflux, loss
synchronous rectification step-down circuit, high efficiency heat a small
complete battery charge management, full stop filling, not always trickle, avoid electrolyte dry
precision of plus or minus 0.5% cut-off voltage
maximum support for solar power: 80W
PWM switching frequency: 600KHz, high-frequency low resistance and high efficiency
The charge current is set by an external resistor (Preset 5000mA)
The depth of discharge of the battery trickle charge
charge status and the charging Status Indication for LEDs (charging red light / full light on / off No battery or no input)
soft start function
battery terminal voltage protection
When not using solar energy also serves 9-24V notebook adapter, a multi-purpose
7 stars big volume Murata filter capacitor MLCC, SUMIDA copper inductors, larger and more stable current output
Finished parameters:
Volume: 49mm * 24mm * 10mm, ultra-compact, plug solar control box no pressure
Input voltage: 5-24V (absolute maximum 26V, recommend the use of less than 20V input must be greater than the output voltage, oh.)
Output voltage: 4.2V-22V 0.5% precision potentiometer adjustment, only blood pressure, output will be lower than the input
Output Current: Default 5A, a purchase of 16 or more can be customized 2A, 2.5A, 4A, 5A, 8A, 5A or more proposes to add heat
Pre-charge current: Default 0.5A, 0.1 times the output current
Termination current: Default 0.5A, 0.1 times the output current
Charging efficiency: 96% 16V input 12V5A output
Drain when not charging: about 200uA
Instructions for use:
Caveat! The first charge, please closely monitor the battery voltage to prevent overcharging! Do not unprotected board lithium batteries!
This circuit can be used only solar charger with protection of lithium-ion, lithium iron phosphate, lead-acid batteries.
Any problems caused by battery explosion injuries shop is not responsible!
As shown in FIG baby, the circuit is not anti-reverse, reverse will burn! Positive and negative do not wrong!
Indicator status: Off = no input or did not answer the battery, Red = charging, blue = full, red blinking = failure (such as temperature, battery overvoltage)
To stick the fins, recommend sticking to the back of the circuit board, near the input positive power management, there is heat concentrated area, see the following Sign thermal image.
Use adjustable power adjustment method:
1: The adjustable power adjusted Solar MPPT voltage (18V nominal solar energy typically 15-16V) connected to the module inputs.
2: multimeter voltage profile measuring module output voltage, first clockwise adjust potentiometer until mppt no output voltage, and then slowly adjust mppt potentiometer counterclockwise until just have output.
3: the adjustable power supply voltage to increase 1V to ensure stable, multimeter voltage profile measuring module output voltage, CV trimming potentiometer, the output voltage fluctuates (because no battery present) volatility is the final stop charging the highest value of voltage, such as 8.0-8.4V fluctuations, so is the final stop charging voltage 8.4V. For reducing the volatility can and a large-capacity electrolytic capacitor at the output.
4: Output access to basic empty battery, the charging current string ammeter measured, trimming potentiometer allows MPPT maximum charging current (adjusted sure that direct sunlight sunny), the first charge, please closely observe whether the correct output voltage to prevent overcharging!

Various battery reference voltage:
3.7V lithium battery 8.4V 3 --4.2V 2 string string string 16.8V 12.6V 4
3.2V lithium iron phosphate battery 7.2V 3 --3.6V 2 string string string 14.4V 10.8V 4
6V Lead-acid batteries --6.8V
12V lead-acid battery --13.6V
Not recommended for charging NiMH or NiCd battery pack

Found fever: input and 18V output 12V5A 12V8A no heat AEROSTATIC
1x BQ24650 MPPT Solar Panel Lithium Lead-acid Battery Charging Board Controller 5A



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