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10A 12V 24V Solar lamps controller Waterproof garden lights controller, 10amps lithium LiFePO4 batteries Solar charge regulators piece

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Application Model Number Maximum Current is_customized Brand Name Rated Voltage Unit Type Package Size Package Weight
Lighting Controller SL-01A-10A 10A Yes DPJ 12V 24V Auto piece 10cm x 15cm x 12cm (3.94in x 5.91in x 4.72in) 0.25kg (0.55lb.)
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MOQ: 30 piece
USD 26.33 / piece
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Application Lighting Controller
Model Number SL-01A-10A
Maximum Current 10A
is_customized Yes
Brand Name DPJ
Rated Voltage 12V 24V Auto
Unit Type piece

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Application Lighting Controller
Model Number SL-01A-10A
Maximum Current 10A
is_customized Yes
Brand Name DPJ
Rated Voltage 12V 24V Auto
Unit Type piece
Package Size 10cm x 15cm x 12cm (3.94in x 5.91in x 4.72in)
Package Weight 0.25kg (0.55lb.)





10A 12V 24V Solar lamps controller Waterproof garden lights controllers, 10amps Solar charge regulators for street lightings


SL-01 water-proof solar power PV controller can be directly installed in the outdoors without the need for special precaution. With its special outer shell structure, it has water-proof, damp-proof, cold-proof, anti-sandstorm, anti-insect to invade and other characteristics, which can even adapt to the outdoor, seaborne, underground and other severe environments. Using the way of hitch installation without the restriction oflocations is a very easy operation.


1.more Compatibility with a variety of storage batteries such as opening lead-acid battery ,VRLA battery , gelled electrolyte (GEL)Battery,3.2V*4 iron-phosphate-based lithium battery 3.2V*8 iron- phosphate-based lithium battery ,3.7V*3 lithium battery,3.7V*6 lithium battery,3.7V*4 lithium battery. User can set the model of battery randomly.
2.Prevent storage battery being overcharged, over discharged and back discharged at night and it also has PWM floating-charged protection.
3. Automatically turn on floodlight according to the lightness at sunset. Regularly turn off floodlight according to the set value or automatically turn off according to the lightness at sunrise. 9 grades can be adjusting for the controlling light sensitivity. by using the parameters, users can control the time of lighting on in the evening or lighting off at dawn, or for many street lamp engineering project, it can decrease the time
difference result from the asynchronous on or off for multi- optical control switches. Besides, it has the half-power adjustable characteristics (9 grades with different power or brightness can be set during the latter half of night).
4. The tandem type PWM charge control is used, which makes the charging circuit of the voltage loss is only 1/5 of the diode's, the charging efficiency is 3% to 16% higher than non-PWM and the power utilization time is longer. Power MOSFET is also used for preventing the battery discharge reversely through the battery plate, which reduces the charge loss.
5. Open circuit is used for anti-overcharge protection, which effectively protects solar panel.
6. Automatically memorize various parameters set by the users, and the data will not lose in the situation of unexpected power failure or the battery power is used up.
7. Using a dedicated chip to complete the load and overload, short circuit and the automatic protection of anti-reverse electronic, and automatically return to work after troubleshooting without damaging any part and burning any fuse wire. Besides, internal fuse wire is equipped as double insurance system to reduce the safe accidents. Fuse wire is also used as the final protection for the internal part of controller when short circuit happens.


Model No SL-01
Work Voltage 112V/24V Auto
Max chargecurrent 10A
Max loadcurrent 10A
Workingtemperature -40 ~ +60C
No load lossescurrent 5-20ma(Only whendigital LED be lighted)
Over-load andshort circuit 1.5 times of rated current, works for 5 seconds or Short circuit,the load is off at once and the indicatorlight flash,Then wait 30 seconds, it will automatically restart to work.
protection grades IP54
outline size(L*W*H) 110×60×34mm
Net Weight 130g


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