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1x 400W LED Grow Light 133*3W Dropshipping Hot selling 10 band 10 Spectrums IR Indoor Hydroponic System Plant Ufo HOT! piece

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Grow Lights CCC,CE,CQC,EMC,FCC,GS,LVD,PSE,RoHS,SAA,UL,VDE No 85-265V 40cm Iron AC 23 3 years LED Bulbs LX-ZWD 133-3 piece 45cm x 25cm x 12cm (17.72in x 9.84in x 4.72in) 4.0kg (8.82lb.)
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USD 360 / piece
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Item Type Grow Lights
Is Dimmable No
Voltage 85-265V
Length 40cm
Body Material Iron
Power Source AC

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Item Type Grow Lights
Is Dimmable No
Voltage 85-265V
Length 40cm
Body Material Iron
Power Source AC
Width 23
Warranty 3 years
Light Source LED Bulbs
Model Number LX-ZWD 133-3
Unit Type piece
Package Size 45cm x 25cm x 12cm (17.72in x 9.84in x 4.72in)
Package Weight 4.0kg (8.82lb.)



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-Body color: White (Default option)

                 Black (leave message or contact me for this body color)

-Power Plug:      Modular Power Cord (Available in UK, US, EU, AU)

-Hanging Kit:     Complete hanging kits supplied

-Worldwide Input voltage:      AC85~264





Our led grow light series:

  Photo LED Qty Spectrums LEMENS ANGLE DIMENSION(mm) Buy it Now
300w   100pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)  

     10 Band Spectrums with IR

8000LM 90/120°Mixed 400*212*62 220$
400w   133pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)    

   10 Band Spectrums with IR

You are bidding on 10 Brand  New 1x 400Watt Led Grow Light !

11000LM 90/120°Mixed 400*212*62 300$
500w   166pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)     

  10 Band Spectrums with IR

14000LM 90/120°Mixed 440*280*70 348$
600w   200pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)     

  10 Band Spectrums with IR


16000LM 90/120°Mixed 440*280*70 398$
700w   233pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)    

   10 Band Spectrums with IR\


18600LM 90/120°Mixed 480*315*94 468$
800w   266pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)    

   10 Band Spectrums with IR


21300LM 90/120°Mixed 480*315*94 518$
900w   300pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)  

     10 Band Spectrums with IR


24000LM 90/120°Mixed 480*315*94 568$
1000w   333pcs*3w

660nm(red) 650nm(red) 630nm(red) 610nm(orange) 460nm(blue)  450nm(blue) 440nm(blue) 430nm(violet) 2800K(white) 730nm(IR)    

   10 Band Spectrums with IR

26650LM 90/120°Mixed 490*320*98 618$



Item Description Wholesale is Welcome! please  contact us now!

Product Details:

  • You are bidding on 10 Brand New 1x 400Watt Led  Grow Light !
  • Better than only Red/Blue/Orange 3 spectrum  mixed grow light. Our revolutionary led grow lights with 10 Spectrums! The 10  spectrums that provide the most beneficial light to your plants. Ideal for all  phases of plants growth. Suitable for the plant-breeding house, Indoor,  basement, garden, farm, greenhouse, horticultural park etc, which need the  sufficient light. amazing for plants growth, fully absorbed by the plants to  photosynthesis.
  • LED TYPE: BRIDGELUX / WORKING ENVIRONMENT: -20℃~40℃  / Worldwide VOLTAGE: AC85 V -265 V (AUTO-ADAPTIVE) / Worldwide Plug: US UK AU  Germany / LIFESPAN: 50,000 HOURS / WARRANTY: 2 Year / PACKAGE INCLUDED: Led Grow  Light, Steel hanging kits, Power Cable, Manual,
  • LED grow light Ideal for replace standard MH/HPS light / incandescent bulbs /  fluorescent tubes, save 3~5 times power consumption. save Money!
  • Happy Bidding!





     The 10Band  LED is the perfect light for a middle tent grow. It is also great to use as a veg light in a perpetual grow. It contains HollandStars proprietary Phyto genesis Spectrum and comes with the 3 Years warranty offered in the industry. HollandStar LED Grow Lights work better than traditional HID or fluorescent lighting due to their specifically engineered light spectrum that provides plants with all of the different wavelengths they need without wasting energy on heat or unusable light. Traditional HID lighting was originally designed to light streets, not to grow plants. How could growing plants have the same lighting needs as human night vision? By utilizing the Phyto genesis Spectrum, specifically designed to meet the needs of growing plants,HollandStar LED grow lights are the most comprehensive lights available for growing the biggest and healthiest plants—guaranteed! Stop using normal Traditional Grow lights and start using plant lights!








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     Q: What is this difference between your 6bands and other companies' ,and why are you using these bands?        

     A: For over 4 years, our factory has refined the wavelengths of our LED grow light--6 band ,that means  430~440nm,450~475nm 620~630nm, 650~660nm , we research and find that , Red colour helpful for flowering stage , blue color is working on leaves growth stage . 6 band spectrum is perfect for flowering. This light also will work for VEG. The light spectrum used in our LED grow contains the most efficient and proven wavelengths for Growth&flowering.

   Q: How does this light compare with HID/HPS lighting performance?
     A: LED lights cost more money up front, but you save about 50%on the electrical consumption of the light, cooling costs (very expensive in the summer) and annual bulb replacement.  Follow the guidelines for recommended coverage area, and your LEDs will impress you with their yield. The much reduced heat output of LEDs when compared with HPS/MH bulbs also substantially reduces the risk of a fire hazard, especially in an enclosed space.
Our led grow light mainly are red and blue spectrum ,these two spectrum are the peak of plants absorption


How to Distinct using the 1W or 3W LED.


the 1W red/orange/ir LED the Operating Voltage it is 1.8-2.2V,Current 270-320MA.

The 1W  blue/uv /White led  the Operating Voltage it is 3.0-3.6V,Current 270-320MA.

the 3W red/orange/ir LED the Operating Voltage it is 1.8-2.2V,Current 450-630MA.

The 3W  blue/uv /White led  the Operating Voltage it is 3.0-3.6V,Current 450-630MA.

Actual power consumption

Russian Federation:


 Russian Federation we can only use EMS(no free shipping,charge a little shipping).but please contact with us, we can give you discount,thanks.Express only alow us use EMS for you, DHL or  UPS will not do service for us. LED grow light is different from other product, thanks for your understand.



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Available: 15W 45W 50W  90W 100W 120W 150W 200 W 300W  600W 800W 1500W  or Customized.

You will have peace of mind knowing Grow LED lights is warranted against defective material and manufacturing faults for 24 months.24 Months WarrantyGrow LED features a wide spectrum of wavelengths from blue to white primarily used by corals, with no heat and harmful energy such as Ultra-violet and Infra-red.Wide spectrumGrow LED features independent colour LED control, enabling you to control with switches the white and blue LEDs in either light spectrums.Precise spectrum control
Grow LED is Australian C-tick approved for your peace of mind and operational safety.Australian C-Tick ApprovedLED lighting systems are extremely energy efficient, only consuming 1W per LED. Grow LED will save you around 70 - 80% of energy costs compared to other traditional lighting systems.

Energy Effecient
Horizon can be conveniently brace mounted or discreetly suspended with stainless steel cables for the stylish look.Cable and Brace Mount
Grow LED lights produces very little heat, maintaining low chances of affecting aquarium temperature using smart air cooling technology to effectively dissipate heat.Low HeatGrow LED is the new lighting range with optimal lighting with little energy consumption. Featuring LED lighting technology with a wide spectrum of light specifically needed for plant growth, without causing any harm through heat or harmful energies such as Ultra-violet and Infra-red. Each LED lasts for up to 50,000 hours of usage sustaining low maintenance, Grow LED is built to last. With Optimal radiance and sustainable technology, Grow LED is engineered for energy efficient lighting.

This LED Grow Light can easily be hung or mounted directly to a flat ceiling or even used for indirect lighting. Making this model easier for mounting in tight or unusually shaped spaces.

Each LED produces light cones so that when they are clustered into arrays the light cones overlap, increasing light intensity and color mixing, meaning your plants get the most diverse combination of blues and reds for better growth stimulation.


No wasted energy or extra cooling equipment needed.

For use indoors or in greenhouses only. Not waterproof

Environmentally Safe - contains no hazardous materials

Super Low Power Consumption

Low Heat Displacement

Up to 80% more energy efficient than HPS Bulbs

To preserve bulb life, it is recommended to use this at a maximum of 10-16 hours at a time

The recommended height to hang above plants is 15 to 45 inches

This product ships with a universal wall socket adapter and will work anywhere in the world

Also called LED Grow Light in the press

Quiet and discrete internal cooling method


FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Why is red light important for plants?

Red light is very important to plant reproduction. Phytochrome pigments absorb the red and far red portions of the light spectrum and regulate seed germination, root development, tuber and bulb formation, dormancy, flowering and fruit production.

Why is blue light important for plants?

Blue light stimulates Chlorophyll production more than any other color, encouraging thick leaves, strong stems and compact vegetative growth.

What can I grow?

You can grow any indoor plant with this Grow Fixture. LED grow lights are used to grow orchids, roses, peppers, tomatoes, basil, lettuce, herbs, kale, spinach, wheat grass, broccoli, wildflowers, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables. They are also great for growing or perking up any houseplant. Grow Lights make excellent choices for cloning and seedling lights since they can be placed in tight spaces without worrying about heat build up. The lights would also be suitable for all stages of plant growth.

Who would use an LED Grow Light?

LED Panel growing systems are used by home gardening enthusiasts, top florists, large nurseries, scientific researchers, universities. Even NASA uses LED grow light technology to grow plants in space!

LED Grow lights are the most efficient units of plants growing lights. It can provide better results than Metal Halide and HPS HID lights but saving 80% of energy. These work on soil or hydroponic methods of growing within any indoor environment. No setup required, just plug and play. Saving your time and money.


Hydroponic, gardening, Greenhouse Lighting, Seeding, Seedling, Breeding, Farm, Flower Exhibition, Garden, potted plants, etc.

1) Green House.

2) Seedlings and clones.

3) Primary plant lighting.

4) Supplemental plant lighting.

5) Common area planters - malls, lobbies, restaurants commercial buildings or anywhere that plants need more ligh.


After application of test equipment, plant light wavelength is ideal for plant growth, flowering, fruiting. General indoor plants flowers, growing over time getting worse, the main reason is the lack of light exposure, through the spectrum required for plant LED light, which not only promote their growth, but also to extend the flowering period to improve the quality of flowers. And the application of this highly efficient light source system to the Green House and other facilities, and agricultural production, we can solve sunlight led to tomato, cucumber and other greenhouse vegetables taste defects decrease the other hand, can make early fruit vegetable greenhouses in winter to the public around the Spring Festival, so as to achieve the purpose of-season cultivation.

1, as a supplementary light, any time of day can enhance the light, you can extend the effective lighting hours.

2, both in the evening or night, can effectively extend and control of plant science needed light.

3, plants in the greenhouse or laboratory, can completely replace the natural light, to promote plant growth.


Our LEDs grow products for indoor gardening are thinked to cover small and medium surfaces in hydroponic gardens as well as grow rooms and greenhouses. They can alse be used and installed as modular systems to cover big surfaces also.

Grow LEDs are used for small germination stations, vegetative maintaining, home grow boxes, but also green houses as sun light supplement and photoperiod controlling.

All our LEDs for grow indoor are enginered in Taiwan and realized in China and comes with 3 years warranty. All replacement parts are available for fast delivery or repaiment trough our China laboratoy.

Grow with LEDs in hydroponic gardens and other enviroments will be a pleasure with us!

*Optimized Photosynthetic Photon Flux (PPF)

*Optical lens (better canopy penetration)

*Soft start" ignition (LEDs protection)

*Optimized heat disspiation

*Low noise operation



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    ECVV accepts the product for return during the limited warranty period, ECVV may, at its option: (i) repair; (ii) replace; or (iii) refund the amount paid by the customer.

  • 100% Payment Protection

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