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About Us

Founded in 2006, ECVV.com is the global most reliable e-commerce platform for the B2B cross-border MRO industrial products sourcing. In the past 14 years, ECVV has accumulated 950,000 factories, serving more than 1.2 million customers worldwide (including factories, EPC, wholesalers, retailers) with a repurchase rate of 70%.

ECVV is headquartered in the CBD of Shenzhen, China, with brand offices and warehousing in UAE, Bahrain, Japan, Europe, India, the United States and other countries and regions. Meanwhile, ECVV is supported by the Chinese government and has good cooperative relations with foreign governments such as the UAE, Bahrain, etc. It’s also the recommended international trading platform by China-Arab Economic and Trade Association and AICC.

Since its establishment in 2006, ECVV has accumulated 950,000 certified manufacturer resources; it established Showay's comprehensive foreign trade service platform to connect the supply chain system in 2015; it launched the Safebuy service in 2017, which is the purchasing agent securely purchases products of high quality and low price from Chinese factories to ensure the safety of funds and ensure the delivery of goods; the MRO one-stop shopping mall is launched in 2020 to serving clients of all levels SME to large enterprises, improving their transaction security and procurement efficiency and reducing total procurement costs.

As always, we provide customers with a full range of high-quality purchasing and service experience and constantly improved the product and supply chain system, committed to the upgrading of industries and services based on digital trade development. From ECVV global official website and digital online MRO one-stop shopping mall to offline professional engineer service team and global service sites and networks, we have been dedicated to serving global buyers. We are committed to helping more enterprises to save money, save time, and be worry-free while sourcing and procuring products from China.

Safebuy service

ECVV Safebuy service, a point-to-point procurement agency service for global wholesalers, retailers, and so on buyers through www.ecvv.com, including supplier audit and development, security of funds, quotation management and review, product development and testing, logistics Supply chain services such as management, customs clearance, and warehousing services. ECVV acts as an agent for buyers and directly purchases products of high quality and low prices directly from Chinese factories to ensure the security of funds as well as the delivery of goods. ECVV would identify suppliers, conducts quality inspections on trading products and provides services such as logistics, customs clearance, and centralized delivery. Only a small minimum order quantity is required, so that SME can also directly purchase Chinese products, which greatly facilitates customers. In addition, you don’t have to be limited to buying from only one factory at a time. Through the ECVV platform, you can purchase more categories of products from multiple suppliers at the same time. ECVV provides unified delivery services, which greatly reduces logistics costs and fully satisfies your business needs.

Supply Chain Service

Shenzhen Showay Enterprises Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of ECVV, provides supply chain financial services for foreign trade enterprises in an intensive way: customs clearance, logistics, foreign exchange settlement, tax refund, credit settlement, etc. Completed with the parent company to complete the supply chain + B2B e-commerce service platform ecosystem, and provide solutions for corporate customers' foreign trade exports.

MRO one-stop shopping mall

MRO.ECVV.COM self-operated mall well-selected more than 2 million SKUs, which offers One-stop purchasing service for customers to better meet global customers. For all MRO categories like Office supplies, IT equipment, hardware tools, labor security, instruments, mechanical equipment and accessories, electrical lighting, chemicals, etc., covering MRO industrial products required for operation, production and maintenance of enterprises, and providing overall solutions for MRO needs in full work scenarios and "quality control, logistics guarantee, payment protection" One-stop standardized centralized procurement services provide powerful support for corporate procurement management decisions, better serve all levels SME to large enterprises, improve transaction security and procurement efficiency, and reducing total procurement costs.

Digital services

ECVV MRO self-operated mall adopts the SaaS deployment mode which provides collaborative tools covering the entire procurement process from commodities, orders, agreements to settlement. It can well connect to the customer's ERP system and procurement platform. The whole transaction process realized a visualized, electronic and digital online mode from procurement budget, sourcing, procurement plan, product selection, placing order, order shipment, goods inspection to electronic payment. ECVV MRO SaaS mode forms a traceable and analyzable data foundation that helps customers to better trace the source, monitor the whole process and prevent the risk. Therefore ECVV.MRO.COM provides global buyers with an entire process of electronic services including approval, supervision and payment reconciliation, which offers strong supports for enterprise sourcing management decision-making.

Optimize the procurement process

Use mro.ecvv.com account management, track and update orders, access a variety of additional functions, simplify the procurement process, customers can master procurement information anytime, anywhere, procurement is simpler, more transparent, and easier. The free account provides customers with the following functions: creating and managing quotations; searching, creating, and saving orders or the latest parts list; viewing order history and order status, ordering products again through order history; receiving the latest products, technologies, and promotional information.

Customized service

With rich and diverse SKU and professional and reliable service and support, we provide a convenient one-stop MRO procurement service solution and a pretty competitive price. MRO Mall provides efficient and professional product search and purchase services for all customers. According to different internal procurement processes and demands of customers, different digital procurement solutions are customized, batch matching, intelligent matching of various product lists, to help customers reduce the time and effort of searching.